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Passenger SFE 3530 Swift

In-Flight Experience | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320

The new reliable and robust economy class seat, alternative to BFE seats. This means the seat program responsibility is transferred to Airbus. Manufactured by Recaro. All seat items are SFE and customisable. 16g HIC pre-certified, available on A320 family.

Standard features

  • High-Literature-Pocket
  • Steward Step
  • Coat Hook
  • Fabric dress cover
  • Polyester seatbelt
  • Fabric Life Vest Pouch with sealing provision
  • Recline up to 4 inches
  • HIC certification
  • Stretcher Provision
  • Handicap armrest
  • Ergonomic bottom cushion and plastic seat pan
  • Literature pockets
  • Tablet holder
  • Backrest table
  • Baggage bar
  • Endbay


Seat customization combining standard features with upgrades packages

  • Upgrade Package 1: Leather Dress Covers
  • Upgrade Package 2: Comfort
  • Upgrade Package 3: BYOD, Bring Your Own Device
  • Upgrade Package 4: BYOD+, Bring Your Own Device plus Power
  • Upgrade Package 5: Flotation cushion
  • Upgrade Package 6: Light Weight


  • High-level of customization
  • Risks and responsibilities transferred to Airbus
  • Increased profitability per seat
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