Airbus 50th Years Anniversary - Formation Flight Preparation 
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  • Airbus Services

    Airbus Services

    We measure our success by yours. The Airbus Services purpose is to further enhance safety in the aviation industry, strengthen our relationship with our customers and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our team creates value by optimising aircraft safety and availability, streamlining flight operations and enhancing in-flight experience, with all the expertise of an aircraft designer and manufacturer. Building on Airbus’ pioneering spirit, we collaborate with our aviation industry partners and deliver world leading aviation services powered by digital and new technologies. Download File 4.92 MB
  • Services for MROs

    Services for MROs

    Airbus Services has a dedicated organisation that has been created in order to deliver world-class and fully integrated aviation services dedicated to you - the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul organisations. Our ambition is to build upon Airbus’ pioneering spirit and propose innovative solutions to a highly specialised MRO market. We have listened to your requests and ideas so that we can provide you with the best solutions to meet your specific business requirements today and tomorrow. We will be behind you wherever the aircraft may be in its life cycle. With over 10 000 Airbus aircraft delivered we have the shared goal of ensuring that these aircraft are maintained and operated successfully, cost effectively and in the safest manner for our mutual customers all over the globe. Our team of enthusiastic professionals is fully dedicated to the delivery of these services. Download File 9.11 MB
  • Services for Lessors

    50% of the worldwide flying fleet is owned by Lessors, this is obviously good news for the industry but at the same time we are well aware of the additional in-service needs this fast growing environment requires. Lean and efficient Services are and will be required at all stages of the aircraft lifecycle but there are several critical phases where having the right service, the right solution is what will help you retain maximum asset value, speeding up and optimising transition time to ensure that your asset is generating revenue. We have developed packaged answers to provide you with a complete portfolio of full life-cycle solutions provided by Airbus. We know that each project might come with their fair share of surprises, as OEM we are in the best position to mitigate the risk by bringing together all areas of expertise and by leveraging the possibilities offered by digital solutions. With the constant mission to ensure that our solutions are evolving with your needs, we have set up a dedicated Business line: Airframe Services. Scaling up and industrialising Airbus ability to deliver Airframe Services from Post TOT modifications, Modification Embodiments to full Turnkey Aircraft transitions including aircraft heavy Maintenance. Download File 1.64 MB
  • Skywise Brochure

    Skywise Portfolio

    Created with the vision to connect the aviation industry and accelerate its digital transformation, Skywise is an open data platform that connects both in-flight, engineering and operational data in an analytic rich environment. At its heart, Skywise is about making the right information available at the right time. It leverages the massive amount of data previously locked in company and functional silos across the industry, to create value for all of its players. Download File 10.14 MB
  • Structure Training

    Structure Training Brochure

    Managing skills in Airlines and MROs are a daily concern for our customers and are being heavily impacted by the introduction of new material and technologies, leading to more complexity in composite repairs. Having breadth of competencies is key to addressing these challenges. Listening and working with our customers today and for tomorrow is essential to reach new horizons together, by developing a new Structure training offer. As leading aircraft manufacturer, we are taking a proactive initiative to ensure, through our structure training learning paths, our main common priority: Safety First. Download File 3.31 MB
  • AirBusiness Academy introduction

    AirBusiness Academy

    AirBusiness Academy design and deliver learning solutions to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of professionals within and beyond the aerospace industry, worldwide. Download File 10.05 MB

FAST Magazine

  • FAST #65 / April 2020

    Fast #65

    - Propulsion system integration - The defining moment - State-of-the-art cockpit upgrade - Protecting precious assets - FAST forward - FAST from the past - Around the clock, around the world Download File 10.88 MB
  • FAST #64 / October 2019

    Fast #64

    - Undesired aircraft state - Sky control - Cabin Communication - Structural blind fasteners - 50 years - FAST forward - FAST from the past - Around the clock, around the world Download File 6.71 MB
  • FAST #63 / April 2019

    Fast #63

    - The cabin waste mountain - Targeting the perfect fit - Pilot training - Flying the A220 - Data management - FANS C - FAST from the past - Around the clock, around the world Download File 14.43 MB
  • FAST #62 / October 2018

    Fast #62

    - Focus on fuel - Lightning and HIRF effects - Laminar wings - Be cool, be efficient - The structural fuel leak challenge - Ultra Long Range A350-XWB - FAST from the past - Around the clock, around the world Download File 6.85 MB
  • FAST #61 / March 2018

    Fast #61

    - Engine Bleed Air System - A350 XWB composite bonded repair - Technical data for maintenance - A350 XWB vertical stabiliser continuous joint - Supporting ageing fleets - FAST from the past - Around the clock, around the world Download File 9.57 MB
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