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02 March 2020
02. March 2020 Commercial Aircraft

Beyond aerospace: Airbus offers game-changing expertise to other industries

The Airbus Engineering Design & Services initiative offers the company’s knowledge and skills to other industry sectors – including automotive – that can benefit from its unrivalled expertise, as illustrated by this wind tunnel evaluation of a motorcycle

Airbus’ innovative engineering solutions that have literally reshaped the aerospace industry since the company’s creation 50 years ago are now being offered to other sectors that can benefit from this unrivalled expertise.

Opening access to Airbus engineering know-how is the goal of the Engineering Design & Services initiative launched in 2019, which envisions such potential scenarios as applying Airbus knowledge in aerodynamics, composite materials and stress analysis to improve automotive and nautical designs; or bringing the company’s skills in remote monitoring with via telemetry datalinks to the medical sector for tracking the function of artificial hearts.

A “tailored approach” for customers

“The scope of Engineering & Design Services is broad, aiming to propose a catalogue of standard off-the-shelf services – as well as the ability to respond to customer needs through a more tailored approach,” said Amrish Pathack, the head of consulting services at Airbus.

This service capitalises on Airbus' highly specialised skills, focusing on customers' needs where a project requires excellence and expertise in one or more of the following five niche characteristics: harsh environment (such as low and high temperature, high vibrations), high performance (aerodynamics, strong and light materials), high integrity (robustness and safety), high regulation (market controls), and/or high complexity (products with millions of parts).

In addition to the automotive and nautical sectors, the medical industry is particularly well-suited for this Airbus service as it satisfies all five niche characteristics.

  • Potential customers can inquire about Engineering Design & Services by sending an e-mail to the Airbus Services webmaster:

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