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24 August 2020

Airbus Consulting assists Airlines and Airports to safely return to operations

Pilots With Masks A350

Airbus Consulting has launched a new service to provide assistance for Airlines and Airports safe return to operations, starting with a free-of-charge gap analysis on existing sanitary measures.

The landscape of the aviation industry has fundamentally changed since the Covid-19 outbreak. As of mid-July, 60% of airports remain out of service. Moreover, passengers have modified their habits with 59% of travel booking made less than 3 days before departure. 

Airbus Customers have to define their plan for a smooth and progressive return to operations by considering health safety requirements and restoring confidence in air travel as their top priorities.

To support customers during in this current context, Airbus Consulting experts propose as a first step, a personalised free of charge gap analysis. The objective is to identify gaps between authorities requirements and safety measures already implemented within the company.

Airbus Consulting experts will propose over 3 weeks, a plan made up of 115 COVID-19 measures and taking into account international guidance, airline’s existing measures, industry practices, local situation and regulation.

"We believe we can help make a difference for airlines when resuming operations to rebuild passenger confidence."

Amrish PATHACK, Head of Airbus Consulting Services

Amrish Pathack
Optimising post COVID-19 Operations Consulting OnePager

Executive Summary of the post COVID-19 operations assistance

Airbus Consulting proposes to optimize the entire passenger journey and to enhance ground staff and crew protection from sanitary risks.

Airbus consulting experts propose to jointly optimize existing post COVID-19 measures.

As a first step, a free of charge gap analysis between the operators’ measures and international guidance will be performed. Within 3 weeks, Airbus Consulting experts will deliver a comprehensive dossier compiling the outcomes of virtual workshops and test operations. 

Based on this co-operative approach, Airbus Consulting experts also propose to draft and suggest amendments to the operator’s technical documentation. New sanitary measures will be fully integrated into each step of operational standard procedures. 

Finally, the design of a communication plan using the latest sanitation marketing practices will be key to highlight the operator’s efforts on health safety measures improvements and to make passengers willing to travel with confidence again.

Why Airbus Consulting experts can support your return to operations?

By capturing and have a clear understanding of regulations and constraints (international guidance & local enforcement of COVID-19) in compliance with sanitary requirements

By analysing current practices across the aviation industry and beyond 

By having a proven in-depth knowledge of airline processes and operations

By analysing passenger insights to understand passenger travel perception

By producing an optimized set of measures and procedures with regards to:

·       Health & Safety (Passengers, Flight crews, Ground and Airport crew…)

·       Robustness and efficiency of operations

·       Perception from customers

·       Anticipation of future operations

·       Aircraft safety and airport rules compliance

By developing a communication strategy customized to the airline’s passenger segmentation


Restoring passenger confidence in air travel

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Mark Crompton

Editor-in-chief - Airbus Services

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