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09 November 2020
09. November 2020 Commercial Aircraft

Effectiveness vs. Efficiency: Why MRO needs to achieve both?

Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE), a maintenance, repair and overhaul centre based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, had been partially owned by Airbus since 2011 before becoming a fully-owned subsidiary in October 2017 following Airbus’ acquisition of the centre’s remaining shares


The MRO market is continuously evolving and needs to maximize returns while reducing costs.

Therefore, Airbus consulting highlights the importance of assessing your process maturity based on 2 key pillars: efficiency and effectiveness

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things

Detlef RIEDEL - MRO Senior Consultant

The productivity objective is reached when the company finds the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Improving efficiency means doing things right: ie on time, on cost and on quality
  • improving effectiveness means doing the right things: ie driven by meeting compliance vs performance objectives 
Efficiency Effectiveness

Evaluating your efficiency and effectiveness by using key indicators enables us to measure your performance

Our experts offer the opportunity to complete this self assessment (from 0 (low) to 10 (high)).

The results will provide you with a first indication of how efficient and effective your current processes are.


Note: Customer satisfaction is considered as being fully embedded in the 4 clusters below.

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

If your self assessment shows areas of improvement, don’t hesitate to contact our consulting experts who will support you in defining your roadmap to enhance productivity by using an MRO process kit, based on Airbus and industrial best practices.


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Mark Crompton

Editor-in-chief |

Detlef Riedel

MRO Senior Consultant

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Effectiveness vs. Efficiency: Why MRO needs to achieve both?

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