03 February 2021

Airbus offers more flexibility in the use of eTech 3DRepair Digital Solution with a new "Pay-as-you-go" approach

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eTech 3D Repair is a mixed fleet integrated solution for recording, assessing, monitoring and reporting aircraft structural damage via a tablet based portable tool. This digital solution can be used on the flight line by both pilots and mechanics. Thanks to smart and intuitive functionalities, each damage localisation can be quickly and easily performed. Using built-in 3D aircraft models, eTech 3D Repair provides a complete historical view of any previous damage logged for the aircraft.

Enabled by a digital damage twin, eTech 3D repair offers a single and integrated entry point for all the actors, drastically reducing the reporting process and structural repair workflow.


eTech 3D Repair is your single entry point enabling digital flow of information, validation and recording between all actors.

In these challenging times for commercial aviation, this solution ensures:

  • Immediate cost savings for grounded fleet’s structural maintenance tasks
  • Direct time savings by empowering your maintenance workforce with digital means effectively reducing turn-around-time and return to service lead time in case of AOG
  • Fully digitised paperless repair management process, starting from the technical logbook in the cockpit, integrated with your Maintenance Information System to receiving technical recommendations if you also use our Skywise AOG management app
  • Back to birth traceability enabling efficient lease transfer using 3D model specific to each tail with damage information all along the aircraft life, leading to improved trust with CAMO and reduced grounding costs during lease transfer at part level
  • Fleet agnostic leading to reduced cost of training, simple and holistic digital tools ecosystem

Why a new Commercial Policy for eTech 3D Repair?

To efficiently address the COVID-19 impact on daily operations, most of our customers have adjusted their priorities.

That’s why we have decided to introduce a “Pay per Use” approach. Instead of a fixed annual subscription, our new policy “Pay per Use, Priced per Value” will allow more flexibility enabling our customers to only pay for what they are using. Airbus Services re-affirms its commitment and sensitivity towards customer needs, by developing an adapted solution at a time when cash containment is a top priority.

At a glance, eTech 3D Repair allows you to


Quickly create damage with automatic location references
Automatic ATA chapter detection
Link to documentation


Assess the damages, Allowable, SRM, TechRequest


Refer documentation and categorize the repairs


Approve the repair conditions


Generate reports based on filters


Manage the damages on rotables either by moving,
scrapping or repairing

If you would like a value assessment specific to your airline or more information on this eTech 3D Repair new “COVID-19” policy,
please contact us.

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