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How to build resilience into your operations

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As an airline, you have been hit at the heart during this pandemic. In this hyper volatile context, we strive at supporting you through the toughest times, so that soon you'll be off again for a flying restart. But until that moment comes, here are a few practical tips on how to best weather the storm and how Airbus can support you in building resilience into your operations.


Park and store aircraft in the safest conditions


Making sure your assets are parked or stored in the best conditions is of the utmost importance. Not only does it ensure to limit to the minimum the risk of repairs and additional maintenance activites at the restart, but it also reduces the need for regular human intervention to check the aircraft's condition. The first step is to identify the best location to store your aircraft. Aircraft storage areas face the risk of permanent deformation if not chosen properly. Once your aircraft is parked, you'll need to protect the most valuable or vulnerable areas. To preserve the engines on-wing, the simplest and most cost-effective solution is the FLASHPLUG. One mechanic can set it up in just 8 minutes, contrarily to more expensive options like film and tape. Additionally, Skywise's Parking management app allows operators to precisely know which aircraft is stored in which location, and which maintenance tasks need to be carried out to uphold airworthiness.


Request clock stoppage on maintenance activities


Requesting clock stoppage for some of your maintenance tasks controlled by calendar time is an interesting solution to relieve the activity burden at a time where workforce and cash are under pressure.  For aircraft in storage preservation, Airbus can provide an RDAF solution to differ the 7 and 15 days periodic ground check to monthly intervals. For A320s in parking up to 7 days, Airbus has developed a dedicated light procedure. This procedure has been derived from the current AMM chapter 10 for parking not more than 1 month. In all cases, you can reach out to Airbus via TechRequest or your Field Representative.


Preserve cash and reduce costs


Preserving cash flow in the current situation is critical for many airlines around the world. Airbus' Consulting Services team can support you to improve your cost efficiency and maximise your revenues by drawing up with you the most relevant strategy for you. One of the solutions that could be explored is for example to switch Weight Variants in order to save on your airport and navigation charges when flying with lower payloads. This easy and reversible solution can provide you with immediate savings for very little investment.


Maximise payload when flying


Cargo in Cabin can be an interesting option to maximise payload while flying your aircraft. To support these initiatives, Airbus has issued a set of guidelines to support the exemptions for the transportation of the Cargo in passenger cabins on Airbus aircraft. In addition, beginning of September 2020, three Service Bulletins were issued to support the airlines in their exemption request process for the installation of standard pallets in the A350, A340-200/-300 and A330 passenger cabin. Whether you are considering installing your cargo on your passenger seats or removing the latter temporarily, Satair can provide you with all the parts you may need, from pallets and pallet nets to straps and seat bags.


Implement sanitary measures


Ensuring passenger safety is our common number 1 priority. It is also essential in order to restore trust in air travel and ensure the livelihood of our industry. Satair has become the exclusive distributor of Airdal's long-lasting coating solution protected by an antimicrobial agent. This coating solution can be applied on hard sufaces of cabin components of any aircraft model. The Airdal coating is the easiest and safest solution to protect your cabin and passengers.


Maintain pilots' licence current


Keeping your pilots current is critical to ensure they are ready for action as soon as you need them. Airbus offers two programmes to help operators keep their pilots' license current, namely the Recency Program training course and the newly launched Airbus Pilot Relaunch Programme (APRP). APRP is a highly customisable program that enables Airbus pilots to train and reinforce operational fundamentals after a long interruption of flying activities. Appropriate training scenarios and exercises could be arranged to meet your recency/refresher training requirements.

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