Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE), an MRO centre based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, partially owned by Airbus since 2011, has become a fully owned Airbus subsidiary, following the acquisition by Airbus of its remaining shares.

How to build resilience into your operations

For MROs

MROs have suffered the collateral damage of the drop in passenger demand and travel restrictions. Non-essential maintenance activities have been postponed, planned services such as cabin upgrades have been cancelled by airlines. This sudden shift on the market has brought MRO companies to an unprecedented situation and has called for them to adapt themselves and their offering. In this hyper volatile context, Airbus remains by your side to build resilience into your operations, so that when the time comes, you will be ready for a flying restart.


Preserve cash


At a time where cash preservation is of the essence, it is worth taking the time to analyse and study the different areas of your business where cost optimisation could be performed. Not only will it improve your cash flow during the pandemic, but it will also increase your competitiveness for the future. Do I have the right material planning and stock level management practices? How can I optimise my processes to increase performance? How can I design and implement an effective development strategy? To support you in this task, the Airbus Consulting team have extensive expertise working with MROs on these exact questions.


Safeguard the grounded fleet


Making sure the aircraft are parked or stored in the best conditions is of the utmost importance. Not only does it ensure to limit to the minimum the risk of repairs and additional maintenance activites at the restart, but it also reduces the need for regular human intervention to check the aircraft's condition. The first step is to identify the best location to store your aircraft. Aircraft storage areas face the risk of permanent deformation if not chosen properly. Once your aircraft is parked, you'll need to protect the most valuable or vulnerable areas. To preserve the engines on-wing, the simplest and most cost-effective solution is the FLASHPLUG. One mechanic can set it up in just 8 minutes, contrarily to more expensive options like film and tape. Additionally, keep track of where each aircraft is stored or parked with Skywise's Parking management app. The app also informs you of which maintenance tasks need to be carried out to uphold airworthiness.



Minimise staff interactions on regular activities


Your employees are your greatest asset. Ensuring they stay safe while they are performing their activities has become more important than ever. Many solutions exist on the market today to minimise staff interactions, without compromising on efficiency. Whether you choose to digitalise your stuctural damage assessments with eTech 3D repair, perform your inspections with a drone, or ease your maintenance activities with innovative Ground Support Equipment and tools, all of them will support you in reducing significantly your team's interactions, but also bring your operations that extra competitive edge.

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