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How to prepare for a smooth return to service?

For MROs

With projected lower demand for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations in the post-COVID world, the MRO industry will be facing increased competiteveness amongst the players. Previous strategies are no longer viable nor relevant, pushing all actors to search for opportunities to preserve their status and prepare for the return-to-service. Here is our take on how you can get ready for a flying restart.


Secure a steady supply of spare parts at competitive prices


The demand for parts is expected to strongly increase as the market picks up, with all market actors interested in securing their own supply to ensure their competitiveness. The need for the lowest operating costs possible will ultimately drive market players to search for Used Serviceable Material (USM), as they are today considered a reliable alternative to OEM new parts, or increase the share of parts that are repaired. Have you already identified your best partner to secure a steady and reliable supply of USM? Have you considered sending more of the parts you handle to repair? Alternatively, you always have access to our Component on Demand service, for one-off requests.


Carry out remote inspections


Finding ways to increase your MRO operations' efficiency is crucial to remain competitive when the market picks up again. Many options are available on the market to reduce the time spent or the effort needed to perform maintenance activities. Carrying out remote inspections or digitalising your processes are interesting ways to reach those objectives. Have you considered digitalising your structural damage tracking? Why not try out performing your inspections with a drone? Are you equipped with the right tools and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to improve your team's efficiency?


Continue preserving cash


Although the market is showing signs of improvement, keeping a close eye on cost optimisation will remain a main focus for the months to come. Competitiveness will be key for MRO organisations, who will be competing for a share of a much lower demand volume than previously.  The Airbus Consulting team have extensive expertise working with MROs on their competitiveness and cost optimisation. Do you have the right material planning and stock level management practices? How can you optimise your processes to increase performance? How can you design and implement an effective development strategy? 


Transition to new capabilities


Newer-generation aircraft are expected to go back to the skies before legacy aircraft types, which are more likely to be subject to retirement or dismantling. Transitioning to new capabilities so you can service aircraft types like the A350XWB Family or the A220 Family will ensure you take profit of the biggest share of maintenance activities in the coming months and years. Our Consulting team can support you in identifying which are the most relevant based on your current setup and implementing these new capabilities.

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