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Cover Passenger Windows & Lavatories

For heavy maintenance checks, several protections are available. AIRBUS can offer a protection for the PAX windows to avoid damage when sidewall panels are removed.

Tool for Removal / Installation of Lavatories

Most lavatory monuments are not extremely heavy but their box design and size make it difficult to handle them especially at final positioning.

Line Sizing Map Combo

This Combo kit contains Line MAP and Line SIZING GSE.

Electrical Hoist Kit

The electrical hoist kit replaces the standard manual hoists with electrical motor driven hoists. Control can be performed through touchscreen tablet or control unit.

Safety Warning Kit for Jack

The Safety Warning Kit for Tail Jack is used to warn by sound and light signal all loads that exceed predefined load value.

AGU Support Frame

The AGU Support Frame is designed to hold and support an AGU including Heat Exchanger when removed from the aircraft.

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Introducing our brand new Airbus Services Store

The new Satair Market has landed!

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