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Core Services

Core Services’ prime objective is to assist our customers operating safely and profitably their Airbus fleet. Every customer is assigned with a Customer Support Director who acts as a focal point and coordinates the implementation of any necessary assistance to support an operational need. In addition, more than 300 field service representatives are positioned in over 150 cities, near the airline they serve. This proximity is strengthened by Airbus’ robust international network of support, training, maintenance and engineering facilities, as well as its materials and logistics centres, providing you a global and end-to-end support around the world.

Core Digital Solutions

Airbus Services is at the heart of aviation' digital evolution. Being an Airbus Customer will allow you to get access to disruptive and leading-edge digital tools such as the AirbusWorld portal, TechRequest or AirnavX.

Field Service Representative

As an Airbus customer, you benefit from an on-site representative providing technical assistance, guidance and establishing strong relationship between respective organisations.

Your Entry-Into-Service with Airbus

Airbus devotes significant attention to ensuring a smooth and lean Entry-into-Service for your aircraft.


AirbusWorld is the primary customer portal for Airbus aircraft operators and owners, MROs and airworthiness authorities.


AirnavX is the unique and smart digital solution allowing Airbus Customers to list, download, browse and search complete Airbus technical documentation

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