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The Airbus solution for fast digital cabin inspection, improving your maintenance activities in terms of workload, quality and safety.


You are facing an unexpected and complex situation with regards to the connectivity retrofit of your aircraft or of your fleet? Airbus embodiment and repair is the right organisation to solve the situation in a timely manner and end-to-end approach.

Airbus Connectivity Platform

Airbus helps its Customers mix and match solutions, technologies and suppliers to define the perfect combination in line with your evolving connectivity requirements.


Passenger SFE 3530 Swift

The new reliable and robust economy class seat with program responsibility transferred to Airbus. All seat items are SFE and customisable.

Off Seat Power Supply

Upgrade your A319, A320 and A321 Airbus fleet with a stand-alone & cost-efficient Off Seat Power Supply system (retrofit only solution).

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Avianca selects Airbus Services for their cabin reconfiguration

Cabin Communication

SIA Engineering Company and Airbus complete first cabin retrofit for Singapore Airlines’ A380 fleet

Airbus and Safran win Crystal Cabin Award with Lower Deck Pax Experience Modules

American Airlines launches A321neo service with new cabin, larger overhead luggage bins

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