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Standard & supplementary provisioning documents

Airbus provides you with material provisioning data concerning spares and tools planning and purchasing for a given fleet of aircraft. Airbus Provisioning Services delivers recommendations which are tailored to your needs and based on your customised parameters.

Maintenance provisioning documents

For the operation of the in-service fleet, Airbus offers a variety of planning services to enhance material availability for maintenance events. Airbus ensures that, for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, customers can get all the material they need without jeopardising the planned aircraft ground-time.

Maintenance Specialized Training

On top of type-rating courses, Airbus aims at covering more specific tasks and knowledge of maintenance operation by offering specialty courses through its Maintenance Specialised Training programme.

Maintenance Initial Operating Experience (IOE) Training

Maintenance Initial Operating Experience (IOE) Training providing Airbus expertise in your flying environment, with highly experienced instructors that will support your maintenance staff in order to enhance their expertise and best practices in your specific environment.

Maintenance Instructor Training

Airbus offers a unique people-centered program to train-the-trainer dedicated to future or experienced maintenance instructors with the Maintenance Instructor Training.

Maintenance eTraining

Airbus keeps updating itself by offering a wide range of Maintenance e-training courses and providing customers with the Airbus expertise, when and where you want to.

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