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A220 Services portfolio

Airbus proposes a range of services for your A220. We help you set-up your maintenance organisation, adapt your operations to new market opportunities and maximise your profitability.

A220 | Purpose-built for efficiency

The A220 is the latest addition to the Airbus single-aisle aircraft family. A clean-sheet aircraft family specifically designed for the 100-150 seat market delivering unmatched versatility and efficiency. Backed by Airbus’ full support and services, the A220 can seamlessly integrate into your network, allowing you to open new routes or expand your existing networks while maximising profitability.

A220 | Purpose-built for flexible operations

Open new routes and grow your existing network with the flexible and versatile A220 Family.

A220 | Purpose-built for easy integration

Minimise upfront investments. Maximise your operational reliability. Airbus provides turnkey solutions to facilitate the integration of the A220 into your fleet.

A220 | Purpose-built for maximum profitability

Maximise profitability with the A220’s unbeatable cost efficiency and revenue generating capabilities - including one of the most comfortable single-aisle cabins your passengers will love.

System Upgrades

Airbus Services is uniquely positioned to retrofit new technologies to in-service fleets. Securing fleet harmonisation, latest performance standards and enhancing passenger experience.

MRO Americas 2021

Accompanying and supporting you during these uncertain times has never been more important for us.

Airbus Services

Airbus Services was founded to deliver world leading integrated aviation services, creating value and enhancing customer performance. Working with operators, lessors, and MROs, Airbus Services enhances fleet performance with the expertise of an aircraft designer and manufacturer. Building on the company’s pioneering spirit, Airbus Services has innovative solutions and latest offering on the services market.

Aircraft Security Course

The purpose of the Aircraft Security Course is to provide the Airline employees with an understanding of main security stakes and challenges to mitigate risks and ensure continuous aircraft operations and on-ground operations.

MAKS Airshow 2021

Accompanying and supporting you during these uncertain times has never been more important for us.

How to prepare for a smooth return-to-service

With an estimated lower demand for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations in the post-COVID world, the MRO industry will be facing increased competiteveness amongst the players. Previous strategies are no longer viable nor relevant, pushing all actors to search for opportunities to preserve their status and prepare for the return-to-service. Here is our take on how you can get ready for a flying restart.

Initial Provisioning Solutions

Airbus Managed Inventory

Your shortcut to supply chain integration Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) service offers collaborative parts planning and automated replenishment (of a configurable scope) of high usage non repairable parts, such as consumables, expendables and standard parts.

Integrated Purchasing Programme

The Airbus Services Company Satair Integrated Purchasing Programme (IPP®) gives the customer a unique opportunity to focus on the core business and leave the complex and time consuming burden of purchasing and handling spare parts in the safe hands of a professional and highly experienced partner.

Integrated Material Services

Customised Spares Logistics

Airbus Customised Spares Logistics (CSL) service takes care of customers‘ spare parts shipments from order receipt to final destination for all order priorities and shipping methods.

Your Entry-Into-Service with Airbus

Airbus devotes significant attention to ensuring a smooth and lean Entry-into-Service for your aircraft.

Field Service Representative

As an Airbus customer, you benefit from an on-site representative providing technical assistance, guidance and establishing strong relationship between respective organisations.

Lease Service Solution

Airbus Services provides you with a special tailored Lease Service Solution (LSS) for structural parts to support your major maintenance tasks.

Parts Sales

Airbus Services is able to provide parts related to the body of aircraft and structure parts as well as certified used and surplus material.

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